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It’s difficult to find a place on earth where everyone knows about the immense benefits of music lessons for kids. Music education gives children the opportunity not only to live in a world of beautiful melodies and harmonies, but also to develop and hone their mathematical abilities.

Yes, what you read is absolutely true! If your child is learning to play the piano, violin, guitar or even the drums - his math skills are developing much faster than in children unable to take music lessons.

Just take a brief look at the subjects that young musicians study – one of them being the elementary theory of music. None of music lessons for kids can not do without it! Despite the fact that it has its own rules and techniques, a child does not need to memorize complex formulas and look for proofs in musical pieces. And even so, each time the young musician opens musical notes or plays a familiar piece from memory, he must count (but not always loud enough to be heard above others). And yet we are talking about an entirely different skill that future musicians will develop. The ability to press keys by fingers at the right mini-second to create wonderful music leads to the brain of the child working magically. Music lessons for kids and especially the daily practice of the child at home create significant changes in both hemispheres of his brain.

Direct evidence that playing music improves math skills are world-famous mathematicians who played the violin, bongos and the piano. Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman and Max Planck are just a few examples of such great mathematicians.

The one who discovered the relationship between sound and mathematics for the first time was the ancient Greek philosopher (and mathematician as well!) – Pythagoras. He and his students made a simple calculation, dividing the scale of 12 semitones, which was difficult to understand for the common people.

If you speak to parents whose children take music lessons for kids, you’ll easily find out that their children always engage in counting during playing. They count the duration of notes, pauses, bars, lines, and even parts of musical works. And of course they know the elementary theory of music that each musician has to know from A to Z, because without the math it just does not work out!

In fact, simple calculations during the music lessons for kids cannot improve the mathematical abilities of the child to a significant extent. But it does help them develop and fine tune their motor skills through daily practice.

Want to improve your child's math skills? Start music lessons for kids!


Better Math Aptitude through Music Lessons for Kids

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