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Musical Ear and Music Lessons Online

There are plenty of adults who want to sing all day long but they have one big problem – they have an inferiority complex and cannot do it in front of others due to the lack of music ear. And these are the people that look for music lessons online in order to somehow compensate for the unfulfilled childhood dream.

The absence of ear for music is a very serious problem that is very common. By knowing the roots of it you can always help improve the situation and help your children deal with it in the future.

The majority of parents think that the musical ear is hereditary and no music lessons online or real will help. By reading the following paragraphs, you will see that this common belief is not true.

Can you answer a question: Why do children born in Germany all speak German, and, children born in Italy – Italian? In Russia – Russian? In India – Hindi? In America – English? And so on... The answer is obvious: All people or the majority of them surrounding the child spoke in the corresponding language. The child heard his future language in the mother’s womb!

And let’s imagine for a moment that the newly born does not hear human language at all or hears it a few times a week for 10-15 minutes... Do you think he has chances to start talking?

You can find information on children who after a birth were surrounded not by people but animals and nature. If you have never read about such cases, you might find it useful to learn what has happened to these children in future and the way their brain, speech and hearing developed. They had practically nothing to do with humans!

So, the truth is that the ear for music is not hereditary. It is acquired just like many other human abilities and skills that are stimulated by the proper environment. Instead of music lessons online, you should learn things about music from a professional.

Ask the person who sings off tune whether he hears songs on the radio (TV, CD, etc.). Of course he will give you the positive answer unless he is deaf by birth. And now ask whether he hears himself singing a favourite song in a wrong key. And again he will answer that he does!

So what happens to the inept singer, and is it possible to correct him or at least correct the situation? The thing is that people who do not have musical ear have a breakdown in a very important sensory system – coordination between hearing and voice. It occurs because they did not hear much music in their childhood. It is these people that look for music lessons online. But what kind of music, you may ask, should they have heard in childhood? Any kind of music!

Is it so simple? Yes, as they say everything brilliant is always simple!

Most likely, parents of those who had breakdown in coordination between hearing and voice breakdown also had no ear for music, and sang off key in presence of children. They played music spontaneously, sometimes on TV, radio, or in the car. So how can the child have the ear for music and develop it through music lessons online if he almost never heard music?




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