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Parents Also Need Musical Education if not how to Master Music

In order to find out about the advantages of playing musical instruments, all you have to do is read a few articles on how the small motor skills influence the development of a child. Besides improving his ability to speak, it stimulates his abilities in many other ways that can be noticed at first glance. This is something that will encourage anyone to seek how to master music skills.

As you know, the general education is very valuable. It becomes all the more profound and effective when your child starts taking music lessons. I am not going to talk about the music lessons that are included in the curriculum of a regular public school. I'd like to talk about private tuition, where children work one-on-one with a professional music teacher.

All right, let's now assume that you agree to the fact that music lessons will greatly benefit your child. Moreover, all children to some extent like music and each one is ready to learn how to master music talents at their own time and pace. Your role as parents is to notice it and help the child prepare for the lessons, organize the educational process, and participate in motivating and supporting his interest towards the lessons in the future.

If you were to lay all this responsibility onto the teacher, you would most definitely (99 out of 100 times) expect to encounter a number of problems in the course of education. You'd spend your time reminding your child to do his homework, convincing him and even giving unpleasant lectures about responsibility, sense of duty, and many similar topics.

Here's some good news: you are not alone. It happens to all parents who have no idea about musical education or how to master music. It also happens to those who had a similar experience in their childhood. And it all happens because the parents do not have special musical education. I do not mean that moms and dads have to perfect the knowledge of how to master music notations and read the music pieces (although it would be great!). I am talking about the basic issues the parents encounter during the preparation stage and the music lessons themselves.

What are those issues? For example, how can you turn your regular child into a “musical” one? If you acquire resources and knowledge of just simple and basic things, then in spite of no proper education, any family can develop a child's musical ear given the fact that the child was born without any hearing impediments. It means that if your child just has the inborn ability to hear, he is 100% guaranteed of acquiring the musical ear, provided that you as parents help him develop it. It is possible for even those parents who not only lack any musical background but also lack the musical ear!

How can you do it? You simply need to find information on how to make it happen! You can find a few specific examples of that in my book “Voices of out children”, where real life stories serve as examples. You can read and learn from other people's experiences! It is easy and informative, and aids in the gradual process of how to master music.

Let's say you got lucky and your child is musically inclined — one can see it quite clearly. Now your job is to find out the level of his musical abilities. The first thing most parents do in this case is start looking for a music teacher who would tell them that their child is meant to be a musician. It is an absolutely right and sound decision and nobody is going to argue with you.

The next step is also clear: it is necessary to find a good music teacher and buy (or rent) a musical instrument.

You may say: “It is all good and fine, but what does the musical education for parents have to do with all this? How does it help children learn how to master music? Everyone knows that all you need is a good specialist for a child to learn music and the parents' job is to find such a specialist and pay for the lessons!”

Partially you are right, but don't rush into making conclusions. Now we'll take a little break from this subject only to come back to it later, because from this very moment everything that happens to your child deserves very close attention and much needed discussion if you ever want him to learn how to master music.


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