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There are quite a large number of people who love to sing and do so despite the fact that they sing out of tune. Almost as a rule, it’s only after they become adults that they think of the idea to start musical ear training.

I will say quite frankly that musical ear training given to adults is much harder than that given to children. Why? Before answering this question, I would like to explain why people have such a problem.

The category of people singing out of tune perfectly hear the melody, and that means their hearing is all perfectly in order. Many of them have the ability to quickly learn new tunes, which confirms the presence of a good musical memory. But as soon as they open their mouth and try to sing a melody, what others hear is something extraordinary and far from ideal.

There are people who cannot even recognize their fake singing. They think that it sounds exactly what it sounds like in their head. Only one thing should be recommended them: “Close one ear with your hand while singing.” And they will immediately recognize that they just need musical ear training.

So, their hearing and musical memory is in order. What makes them sing out of tune is a lack of coordination between hearing and voice. Coordination – that's what you must try to do during the musical ear training.

Just as it is difficult to treat an old disease, giving musical ear training to adults is complicated. You can engage in musical ear training alone but it will not bring positive results. To do this you need an expert who can solve such problems, since there are special exercises to be done in order to make your throat muscles work harmoniously with the inner ear and to obey signals from your brain.

And there is musical ear training that you can do yourself:

Rule number one: never sing loudly. Loud singing does not focus on the accuracy of the tunes.

Second rule: Try to sing along with your favourite tune. The sound of this melody should be louder than your solo singing.

Rule number three: During the singing, whenever possible, cover one ear with your palm. This will give you the opportunity to hear the great original tune, and to monitor how well you sing it. As soon as you hear the singing out of tune – start to sing more quietly, listening carefully to the original; and try to repeat it exactly.



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