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Music Education Books for Parents? Why not?


All dads and moms have difficulties to some extent even before they begin musical education of children. All parents have questions about the organization of the educational process and have a very vague idea about their own role in it.

The period of learning to play a musical instrument can be divided into four very important stages – preparatory, beginner, intermediate and advanced. And for a child to be successful in all stages, each one of them has own tactics and strategies that music teachers as well as parents should know about.

Quite often due to their own ignorance and even after consulting with the experts, parents make many mistakes during the preparatory stage, the most important one in musical education. And in the future their own children will pay for these mistakes. But in this case you can’t blame the parents squarely because they were unable to find music education books. Such books are simply not available in libraries, book stores, or even music stores. But it does not mean they do not exist!

Actually there are a lot of music education books for children but unfortunately many of them are written in a specific language that is not always clear to a layperson.

What do parents need to know about musical education of children? Actually a lot, in order for their child to aspire to learn music as much as the parents would like.

As a rule, 90 % of musically gifted children start taking music lessons with great pleasure and it inspires all moms and dads. Soon after the commencement of training (approximately in one and a half to three years) children start having difficulties either at music lessons or in a daily musical practice. If children more or less successfully (without excesses) have passed this stage, the parents may encounter new issues associated with teenage that will lead to new problems in musical education.

How can they be solved?

Certainly, musical education requires diligence and attention which your children do not possess yet. Many parents to some extent try to help their children overcome these difficulties and each time they try different ways to do that. But where can they find the real help not having any experience with musically gifted children? Music education books are one of the options.

There are many young music teachers who end up in a similar position. Because besides the special knowledge in their specialty they often lack the information on education and psychology which they could apply at the music lessons for successful growth of students and their own educational career.

We have decided to change the situation, enrol the best experts in the business, and deliver information on musical education of children including the means of music education books, all of which is so important to both parents and music teachers. We are willing to share the knowledge that you at times lack for bringing up young musicians.


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Who wouldn’t want to have a child who goes to music lessons and does his daily practises with pleasure and without any reminders?

It’s all in your hands! And if you do not have a suitable and competent musical adviser, you can help your child with the help of music education books for children, written by true professionals.

In our information age it is very difficult to keep up with new things. According to statistics, the stream of information in the world doubles every year and a half, and books are no exception. In spite of it, the majority of parents wishing their children to play musical instruments have a hard time finding music education books.

Music Education Books for Moms Are Here

Music Education Books for Music Teachers Are Here