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On the Necessity of Music Education for Parents

There has been a huge number of research papers and articles written about the beneficial influences of music education on a human being, and if you want your child to benefit from it, your responsibility starts with taking music education for parents.

Many parents would like their child to become just a bit smarter and, moreover, happier and luckier not only among his peers but also more so than his parents.

Nevertheless, not everyone knows that music lessons increase children's intellect by the average of 40%!

Everybody likes music. But even those moms and dads, who are well aware of the music education benefits (but not aware of music education for parents), try to avoid the subject of music lessons. On the contrary, they are making every effort to discover other talents their child might have and attempt to load him up with other extracurricular activities. Why do they do it?

Simply because most of them either did not take music lessons in childhood, or they have unpleasant memories of being pushed to do so in order to please their own parents. Here is where music education for parents can come to the rescue of your children.

In the new age of technology both parents and teachers are concerned by the fact that a vast number of children commence and very soon end music lessons. Once committed to the music education of a child, parents invest a lot of money, time, heart and soul into it and then, when failed to see the results, quit. The common thinking is that all that time and money could have been spent elsewhere.

And the most interesting fact is that adults do not even try to figure out what caused the child to lose interest in the first place. The answer to the question “Why did you stop studying music?” is quite standard: “The child didn't want to do it anymore. He's got other interests.”

The entire education process is perceived as extremely complicated in the eyes of inexperienced parents (and to some extent - music teachers). And rightly so, because they complicate it themselves due to knowing nothing about music education for parents!

The absence of elementary and necessary knowledge on music education for parents drastically slows down the intellectual development of their own children.

Is it absolutely necessary for moms and dads to learn music notation and acquire performance skills just like for their children? Do not fret, in order for your child to become successful in music you do not have to do it as well. We are talking about something different when we say music education for parents.

The driving force of any education is interest. The interest is the main concept that stimulates children to do anything. And parents as well as teachers forget about it in their daily routine. In order for a child to express interest in music, you do not need much: well-performed music piece or a good song will do the work. But for that interest to stay alive for the years to come, the child will need to be focused, goal-oriented, patient and, of course, studious.

Parents have to realize that the longer a child studies music the more music education will aid in his intellectual development. It does not mean that you and the teachers have to plan for your child to become the second Mozart or the greatest musician of all time. Simply concentrate on the benefits of music lessons!

Building a foundation for your child's future success, you, dear parents, have to prepare yourselves for his education ahead of time, by knowing the basics of music education for parents.

Long before making a decision about attending music lessons, parents tend to ask numerous questions. Here are some of them:

  1. Can we do something to develop my child's musical ear?

  2. How can we check what kind of musical abilities my child possesses?

  3. What musical instrument should he be playing?

  4. What can you do so the child would want to play piano? Viola? Guitar? Saxophone?

  5. How important is the first music teacher, and what to look for when searching for one? How can you make sure that the teacher will instruct the child in the best way possible?

As soon as the music lessons commence, the parents seem to have even more questions:

  1. How can we stimulate and capture a child's interest?

  2. What can you do for a child to want to study independently every day?

  3. Is it possible to break the vicious cycle of laziness?

  4. How can you develop responsibility in a child and teach him to start and end tasks in the most efficient ways?

  5. Is it possible to rid of constant lecturing and turn music lessons into a fun activity?

This is not a full list of questions asked!

Unfortunately, most parents do it the old fashioned way leaving things up to the teacher and rely on the child's capabilities and talent. And the fact that these things are not that important in order to achieve good and stable results, evades them...

In my humble opinion in order to make lives of children and adults easier, it is time for the parents to start learning about musical education for parents. New knowledge aimed directly at you, dear moms and dads, will aid your children to reach their goals and become successful in life; something that we all wish our children.


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