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Mission of the Professional Music Education Masters on the Subject of Musical Education for Parents


Nobody needs to go to school in order to find out how to become parents; Nature will take care of that and make sure we produce offspring. But to become such parents, who can raise their child the way they would like to, is an art. And such an art doesn’t just come as God’s gift; one has to work hard at developing it. Letting your child pursue his interests and actively helping him in them is one such art. In the field of music, music education masters are there to guide you and help your child pursue his music interest.

Did you ever think that our parental skills and style stems from our own childhood? We tend to imitate and acquire the habits, character, and manners of the people in our home environment, or those we see more often and those who have the biggest influence on us. In short, it is our parents who were our role models in early childhood. And when you have children and you start experiencing some difficulties in dealing with them, you use the same methods of dealing with them that your mom or dad did.

Sometimes this parenting style stays with you for the entire life regardless of whether it is good or bad; you simply keep imitating your parents entirely (happens quite rarely) or partially.

But there is one definite commonality among all parents — they all want their children to be better than they are. That is why mothers and fathers try hard to involve the child in diverse activities, to instil love towards art, culture, sport, foreign languages, and science in him since an early age. They do anything to make their offspring an interesting and useful member of society.

And it happens that sometimes your child seems to take very keen interest in a subject you have very little or absolutely no knowledge of. For example, music.  

Let’s say music fascinates your child; he starts singing and dancing as soon as he hears the sound of it.  It captivates him more and more until finally he says that he wants to learn how to play a musical instrument. In such a case you have got three options:

1. You can ignore your child’s interest and wait until he grows up a bit and gets other interests.

2. You can agree with him and start taking steps towards his dream — buy an instrument, find a good music education master who will motivate and instruct a young talent.

3. You agree and support your child. Find out all necessary information on how you can participate in the learning process of musical education,  and try to organize the studies with the help of professional music education masters.

The last option is the best and the most effective in my opinion, although it does depend on the goal you are trying to pursue in signing your child up for music lessons with music education masters.

Why do parents need musical education? You may say that there are specialist degree holders like music education masters in that area and it is their job; and that you've got other things to do. To some degree you might be right.

Having worked in a number of music schools I've seen children who started learning music with gusto but left with a great enmity towards the music lessons. I have also heard things and rumours about other students whose parents and teachers spent a lot of time trying to talk them into and even forcing them to study and do the homework.

Where does the interest of a child to learn music come from and where and why does it disappear? These three questions perplexed me and made me ponder all my life. I have read a lot on the subject, talked to parents, communicated with experienced music education masters and tutors. We did a number of social studies, researches and questionnaires. And today I can say with certainty that the reason behind the children's loss of interest in music stems from their parents themselves!

I remember quite clearly that my mom and dad suffered a lot from the fact that they could not find answers to many questions regarding the musical education. My father searched for any kind of literature on musical education of children but in vain. He looked in every library, every book and music store, but had no luck...

The time has gone by and yet nothing has changed! There are plenty of parents who are still looking for answers and not finding them, just like mine did.

I would like to clarify that by referring to “musical education of parents” I do not mean that mothers and fathers must themselves train under music education masters, know notes, have elementary knowledge of music tempo, time, or the simplest techniques of playing the musical instrument, and so on. I mean they have to know the teaching process of music lessons, starting from the level “zero” to the desired one.

In my opinion, the mission of the professional music education masters is to help parents and new teachers turn music lessons into a pleasant and effective experience for children, to maintain their interest in music for years to come so that the students can learn and play without any pressure and unpleasant feelings.

These are the reasons I am writing books and educational articles for parents on musical education of children. I am not trying by any means to disqualify or belittle other authors or other music education masters that write on the music interest of children. I am simply stating my own point of view that I acquired during my working experience. It is entirely your choice whether to accept or reject the information you get.


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