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Is there Anyone Who Doubts that Music Improves Learning Abilities of Your Child?

music lessons from the age of seven to sixteen when the children's entire body actively grows and develops. During this period, playing musical instruments stimulates intellectual growth of the child.

Here are the facts:

“Musical children” understand the meaning of what they’ve just read faster and better than other (regular) children. Other than the fact that music improves learning, it also allows the children to automatically avoid shortcomings such as no sense of space. Without a second thought, seven-year musicians can precisely define positions such as "up", "down", "right", “left" while their schoolmates either have to think on how to answer these questions or get confused.

Also, musical talents do not have problems with writing. This is another example of how music improves learning. They correctly break words into syllables and never reflectively write the letters. But these are all little things in comparison to the fact that in a few years when they would be writing essays at school, they will pleasantly surprise the school teacher with their eloquence, logic, and correct allocation of paragraphs.

Children who sing in choir or ensemble strengthen their own health due to special loads on vocal chords and lungs. Active singing improves blood circulation due to which both hemispheres of the brain become more active, let alone the fact that the child will have a beautiful and strong voice.

Continuing to discuss how music improves learning, we should mention that playing musical instruments improves mathematical as well as cognitive abilities of the child. Even the great Pythagoras has proven the connection between music and mathematics, having divided all stops, chords, intervals, etc. onto figures.

Early childhood musical education has a positive affect on a child. And when he grows up into a mature adult person, his work will not go to waste, and on the contrary, it will bring him a huge advantage. Former musical students are more sociable, and as a rule they have a lot of friends as they can understand and relate to others better. As a rule, they adequately estimate and react to any situation, are able to make decisions quickly, and are happily married. Thus music improves learning abilities throughout life!

Among graduates of musical schools there are many doctors, teachers, bank clerks, computer programmers…


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Scientists have proven the positive influence of music not only on the brain of humans but also the entire body. A large number of articles have been written on the subject, and nevertheless we would like to stress that music improves learning and studies of your child at public school, on the condition that he practices playing a musical instrument frequently.

Music lessons miraculously stimulate both hemispheres of a child’s brain to work actively. It is especially useful to take

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