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Is It Possible to Maintain Your Child’s Music Interest?

only two! Yes, our virtuoso held the dropout record at our music school!

I had to suffer financial loss due to this for some time, as the school was small, and though the accordion teacher was considered to be a unique expert, in due course, we unfortunately had to let him go.

In the seven years his wife worked at our school, she lost just one student, and that too was not because he lost his music interest but due to the fact that his family moved. Moreover, practically all he children she trained graduated from the school with As and Bs, and many of them continued their studies at music colleges and conservatories! She also often took on students who were ignored by other piano teachers during and after assessments, and amazingly boosted their music interest.

Also, among the pianist’s newly enrolled students, many did not have strongly pronounced musical abilities. I can say with confidence that she was able to magically transform a regular stone into a diamond. This person, and, undoubtedly, excellent teacher, had a lot to offer, and other teachers did benefit by learning from her.

Her secret was simple:  she understood and was able to apply age-specific education, and she had an instinctive knowledge of the psychology between children and parents. With her vast experience, she was like a mother hen, waiting for her little “student eggs” to hatch and nurture them, constantly supporting their music interest. Children literally ran to her lessons, and when talking to each other, they said with pride that their teacher was the best in the entire school. Teenagers simply adored her. This teacher never worked alone; she always involved parents and often gave them creative tasks to do. And the grateful parents, seeing the positive changes in their children, were happy to do all the assignments the favourite teacher had for them without asking any questions.

And as it turned out it, it was absolutely unimportant that our pianist, being a teacher, was not able to show the student the correct way of playing a certain passage in order to maintain their music interest; instead, she was able to use her words and attitude to explain what was needed so that the child understood what was required of him.

I was lucky to have an opportunity to frequent her lessons as the head of this educational institution. It was especially amazing to see how instantly and completely she changed her own personality depending on the age and character of the student. One can only dream of having such a fine music teacher.

If you want your child to sustain a constant music interest, you as parents have to closely cooperate with the music teacher. If he or she understands your child’s personality and has sufficient information on how to influence your child, he can always suggest the approach and real methods for development and maintenance of your child’s music interest at school and at home.

If you join your efforts, you will make your child’s training easier and more pleasant.

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I once worked with a remarkable married couple who were both musicians. He taught accordion, and his wife, piano. They were amazing and intelligent people. Both had unique gifts of communication. Only in their professional work were they complete opposites, especially when it came to maintaining the students’ music interest.

The accordion player was a virtuoso, and our teaching staff admired his talent. But his wife never aspired to play at school concerts and always stayed in the shadows as a performer. Even during their lessons in which I was a visitor, as a director, she could not show  a  student a necessary passage in the way it should be used as a proper example. And this was just the first big difference between the two.

The second difference will definitely surprise you. At the beginning of the academic year, both teachers had the same number of students, say, fourteen each, and at the end of the year the pianist had fourteen, and the accordion teacher was left with

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