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Why Choose Classical as the Kind of Music to Learn if You Are not a Fan of It?


These days it's quite common to meet people, especially youth, who claim that they do not like classical music. And how can anyone love something they've never tried to understand? There are people who understand, appreciate and love it, and prefer it as the kind of music to learn and enjoy. Are you not as smart as them?

Everything in our world moves, changes and develops. And music is not an exception. Certainly modern rhythms considerably differ from what was offered to the public by composers centuries ago. The taste, hearing of a person also changes and develops along with the times, and what we hear creates our world of impressions. All this makes a huge impact not only on our character, but also on our life.

Music, as is known, consists of sounds, and each sound is comprised of certain vibrations (if you remember physics). Each vibration carries a stream of energy. In other words, when we hear music, we are filled not just with sounds, but something much greater than that – energy. And whatever we choose as the music to learn or listen to, influences our character development! That is certainly something to consider when choosing the kind of music to learn.

Sometimes when you turn on the radio or TV and hear music, we can say with a great deal of assurance whether we like it or not. Why is that so? Because the stream of energy which produces such music either coincides with our internal vibrations, or it does not.

Thus, using a simple musical test you can define what kind of a person you spend your time with and what your level of spiritual development is at! In fact the more beautiful the music to learn and listen to, the softer and kinder our heart is; just like our actions, as music is one of the parts of our spiritual food.

Teenagers and youth intuitively use the above described method and quickly define a new person who either joins, or leaves their group. And they ask only one question: “What kind of music do you listen to?”

And now let's sidetrack a little. Imagine what would happen if you were to deprive a person of poetry, literature, art and music to learn or listen to...

Have you ever spoken to people who do not read books? Or to those who listen to music that comprises only of undefined noise where a melody is difficult or impossible to distinguish? Were you pleased with such conversation? And now try to talk to those who really appreciate the beauty and art of music and carefully choose what music to learn themselves. You will notice a huge difference right away!

So what is classical music and what does it gives people? Wikipedia defines classical music as “the art music produced in a broad period from roughly the 9th century to present times,” that has passed the test of time and has an audience in a modern society.

Due to ideal harmonious combinations of sounds, classical music carries such a powerful stream of energy that listeners want to listen to it over and over again, regardless of how old the piece of music is. This energy awakes in a human being the most remarkable feelings which make his life more fulfilling and interesting, which is why it is ideal to choose classical music as the form of music to learn.

f a person says that he does not like classical music, he simply confuses both you and himself. He just has to remember all those times when he'd heard a familiar tune and started to whistle it or sing along. These people often do not know the name of the piece they've heard, but the fact remains that it influences them in the most positive way!

And if you are not sure what classical music will give you if you pick it as the form of music to learn, all you have to do is go to a live concert of classical music, preferably a one that it is accompanied by historical and bibliographic data on lives and creative work of composers. It will help you see absolutely new colours and sensations that you've not felt before.

The same thing concerns fine art. If the person not familiar with art, he would come to the art gallery, wander the halls, look at the exhibits, and at the end be impressed by one or two works (and possibly none). But if he takes a tour that is conducted by a guide who will give you some insight on the various works, then our dilettante will be impressed by quite a few paintings. Try it, and you'll see that it really works!

All children without exception love music to learn and enjoy. You can see it from their reactions. And if the child himself reaches for it, it means that he needs this beauty. And if you, dear parents, did not get "musical" care from your moms and dads in childhood and you think you do not like classical music, it does not mean that you should deprive your child of this art. What if it is his destiny? Give him the energy that classical music brings, and you will see how the life of your child can change!



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