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How to Choose the Right Musical Instrument


After making a decision about their child’s musical education, parents have to decide which musical instrument to choose.

For outsiders, it doesn’t seem to be that difficult a choice. It is wonderful if the child decided that he wanted to play, for example, piano. But if not, what instrument should it be? Parents often come to a dead end and start panicking, trying to make the choice. On one hand it would be great if the child wanted to play the chosen instrument, and on the other hand, you wouldn’t want to invest money and buy an instrument for a child who is unsure what he wants to play and will thus quit playing.

Parents’ opinions and their approach to making musical instrument choices for their child are very diverse. For example, some solve this issue purely at a financial level; that is, they decide to buy the instrument that costs less than others. Others are interested in buying the most popular and prestigious instrument. Still more choose the most common one, like a piano. And others use their friends’ “musical children’s” choice and buy the same one for their own child.

Some parents do not think they can choose the right musical instrument for their children. Such parents simply read ads in the newspaper placed by local teachers and, after having made an acquaintance with one of them, impose the teacher’s opinion onto the child. Still other parents make a decision on their child’s behalf, only to unconsciously fulfill their own dreams. That is, Mom or Dad wanted to learn to play, say, violin in childhood, but they could not convince their parents to let them do it, or there was another reason that they did not manage to take music lessons and learn to play the favourite instrument.

I got into some funny situations a number of times when advising parents on choosing a musical instrument for their children. Sometimes conversations came to the point of complete absurdity. Some mothers rejected even the thought of a suggested instrument simply because they were not sure how well the piano, for example, would fit into the interior design of their house! Others did not want to carry an accordion before and after the lesson (I am not even mentioning a harp), and the wind instruments, in their opinion, would make a lot of noise, and this was the main reason to eliminate them.

And the fact of the matter is that the correctly chosen instrument that will be dear to your child’s heart plays one of the most important roles in the music education of children. The love of the musical instrument your child plays is one of leading components of maintaining a steady interest in music.

How can you solve this simple, yet complex issue?

Well, because nothing in life is free (or easy, for that matter), be ready to do some work. If you invest your own time in this for your child, you will be generously repaid.

Dear parents, make sure that you take into consideration the age of your child when choosing the musical instrument for your child. It is also important to consider the height of the future student and his physical build, as well as his health, as there are specific features and requirements for playing different instruments.

When discussing the choice of the instrument with private teachers without due knowledge, parents will risk being influenced by the teacher and agree on the instrument he teaches, not the one your child would have chosen, had he had the option!

For detail instructions read ebook “Which Instrument Will You Choose the Little One?” by Tatiana Bandurina  

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