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Musical Learning for a Newborn

Each family expecting a newborn has a lot of important things to take care of. Very often, young moms and dads spend these undoubtedly very important nine months in learning about the new phase in their lives, preparing for the role of future parents. And why not consider a subject of musical learning and training of their future child?

We adults are always pleased to tell something good about our children since the moment they are born. And so you, dear parents, have an occasion in the future. Start teaching your child long before his birth, namely since the moment you learn you are expecting.

We are not persuading you to make a great musician out of your child. Not at all! But to understand why your child needs musical learning, look for information on how music lessons positively influence the general development of children.

There are a lot of books and articles on the Internet about the influence of music on the human brain, and trust me, playing musical instruments will bring invaluable advantage to your child.

If you, dear dads and moms, do not have a ear for music or musical learning, don’t let it frighten you. The main thing is that you want to see your child among the best students of school and successful people in the future. It is quite enough. And you can plant the seed of musical talent today!

Knowing that the child hears everything perfectly well even while in the womb, parents start to talk to him. And it is wonderful! And now let him listen to some music! All you have to do is get some good music CDs (preferably world renowned classical music) and let the young mother listen to it at least 15-20 minutes every day. If you have a favourite melody or a song which you will listen more often, your future child will definitely like it as well.

Sometimes children start reacting to familiar music while they are still in the mother’s womb. It can be noticed during the last weeks of pregnancy. Having heard a "favourite" tune the foetus starts to move actively and at times inconveniences the young mom. The start of active musical learning!

If the unborn child discomforts you too much in the afternoon or won’t let you fall asleep at night, ask your spouse to put on quiet, calming music. The child will hear it and fall asleep, allowing his mother to rest as well.    

If the future mother has a good ear for music, we recommend she sings out loud more often. What kind of songs? Any will do! And again, if mom used to singing the same song often, then after the child is born and hears the familiar tune during feeding, for example, he will react to it with more active sucking. And when he starts showing emotions, he will greet that song with a wide smile.

If the mom does not have an ear for music or musical learning, there’s no need to despair. She can still give birth to a musically gifted child, by simply continuing to listen to good classical music daily.

And nevertheless, for the parents who do not have an ear for music, there is one strict rule: never sing in your child’s presence! Do not do it even when he is still in the womb. In this case you deprive him of an opportunity to engrain and develop his musical learning because musical abilities are not hereditary. You must know and remember that they are only acquired with time, practice and hard work!


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