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How to Find the Best Music Program to Keep a Teenager’s Interest in Music


Let’s go to the question on how to keep a teenager’s interest in music, and we will then compare the advantages of having a private teacher versus many teachers at music school, to answer the question of where you will find the best music program.

In order to have influence on a teenager, you must first remember that your child’s friends have a greater influence on him than you do. Their friends are capable of motivating your teenager. You can only gently direct them. So this means you have to take the advantage of your child’s environment – right now!

Pay attention to one very important thing: his friends and acquaintances. Are they taking music lessons as well? If so, you’re already ahead of the game.

Of course it is silly to assume that your child’s schoolmates will automatically want to take on an additional extracurricular activity, such as music. But you won’t need to do anything extraordinary if your child already goes to a musical school or academy where he or she is among other young musicians. Because these teens go to the same music school a few times a week, they’re all in the same boat together and have that common interest. And here, they will find other interests that are drastically different from the attitudes and interests of other children. Here they will learn from each other and communicate on another, more “musical” level. In a situation like this, it is easier to maintain, support and develop your child’s musical interest. Has this answered the question of where you will find the best music program?

To all aforesaid, I can only add that it is easier to keep the same group of students due to the different intensity of musical lessons. And the little world created within the musical establishment plays a huge role; something that even the best private teacher is not capable of creating.

And if your child is a teenager, and the loss of interest in music lessons is obvious, it is too late to send him or her to a musical school or academy. The main thing is to capture the child’s imagination and interest in music at a very early age, and only the best music program can do this.

Talking with parents about their choice of music education methods and how to find the best music program, I was surprised that some of my interviewees had no idea that there are special educational institutions for young musicians in Canada and the U.S.! They heard only about private music teachers.

So, when parents ask, “Do musical schools and academies have only pluses and no minuses?” the answer is, of course not. You can go to a private teacher at any age. Specialized music institutions try to enrol the students whose age meets the existing program requirements. The biggest minus of musical schools is an expensive tuition. It is far higher than the private teacher’s fee, but your child will receive a completely comprehensive and the best music program! The teachers’, parents’ and child’s efforts will be rewarded, and the results will exceed the expectations.


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