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Decide Your Musical Goal with Help from the Music Teacher

for the upcoming evening. Also, if you plan on going somewhere in life, an unpredictable route can get you anywhere, and no one knows whether you’ll get the expected fun.

But all you have to do is define the specific goal right at the beginning and get, say, tickets for a popular singer’s concert. There are tons of examples like that. So why don’t some parents use this experience not only in music education, but also at a public school, and, most important, in life?

I can tell you with absolutely certainty that those children whose goals are defined by the parents and the music teacher, only 1 percent will graduate from a musical college. And you’ll basically have to thank your teacher for it.

What do the statistics say? Four percent of former “temporary” music students will attempt to play the instrument from time to time in the future, but the others will avoid coming near it at all. You can avoid such a prospect by enrolling your child in the right school with the right teacher, or enlisting the services of a professionally trained private teacher. Then, the music teacher will know how to set goals in order to maintain his interest in studying. If the music teacher can not help you, look for the information elsewhere.

I am sorry to tell you, but nowhere, not even in specialized music stores, will you find anything that parents should know about the music education of children. Going to the libraries will not help you either. That is why I attest that the main reason that children quit music lessons right at the beginning or a little later on is their own parents more than the music teacher. But on the other hand, you can’t blame all parents: it is very difficult to find the information you need, especially if do not know what and, the main thing, where to search for it.

By all means, it is not that easy to spark a child’s interest in music and maintain it, not even for the music teacher. Besides, the training often requires considerable financial investments that are hard to come by at times. On this note I’d like to draw your attention to the name of James Heckman, who received the Nobel Prize for proving that each dollar invested in a child’s education equals a return of seventeen dollars for him in the future! Heckman supervises the research about the value of early musical education of children and published the results in the book, The Productivity Argument in Investing in Young Children.



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In summary of the information I have relayed to you about music school and the music teacher running private classes, it is time to ask a question:

What to do? Which one to choose? Because the financial side of the matter is very important! First, dear parents, I recommend that you define your goals and then help your child do the same. And, the more vivid and definite your goal is, the easier and more quickly you (and your children) will reach it.

Setting goals is requisite for a manageable life. For example, if the husband asks “What do we have for dinner, dear?” the wife can answer, “I do not know yet, but I will think of something!” Then she thinks of the list of the family menu and chooses a “goal”

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